Why we need your support

In order to continually meet the demand for volunteers we need to invest resources in recruiting and retaining volunteers

Outcomes for children involved in child protection court can be bleak. Every child deserves a caring, involved adult to be their voice in court, and to advocate for what they need. CASA Guardians ad Litem make a real difference in the life of a child.

The CASA Cares grant program needs annual refunding in order to keep providing foster children with things that help enrich their lives

In Honor of Marti Swanson

Martha “Marti” Swanson was a dedicated Guardian ad Litem working to ensure children with difficult family conditions were cared for and represented before the courts. She started out as a volunteer GAL and then made a living training others to carry out this important function.

If you wish to make a gift in honor of Marti’s legacy of advocating for children, you can do so through any of the following methods and designate your gift to the Marti Swanson Memorial Fund.

By check

Donations via check or money order may be given by mail. Make donations payable to CASA MN. Send to:

PO Box 454
Minneapolis, MN 55343

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Planned Gift

to name CASA MN as a beneficiary to an account or to initiate another type of planned gift.

CASA Minnesota
PO BOX 454
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