In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for our dedicated volunteers, CASA MN is thrilled to shine a spotlight on two remarkable individuals who embody the essence of selfless service and unwavering commitment to kids in our community.

Maurice Harris:
An advocate for cultural sensitivity


To begin with, Maurice’s journey with CASA began in his home state of Missouri and continued when he moved to Minnesota nearly a decade ago. Maurice has remained steadfast in his dedication to improving the system and ensuring that every Minnesota child, especially those at risk, has the opportunity to thrive.

Maurice is a strong advocate for children in protective services having access to cultural connections and that CPS and the GAL program are responsible for ensuring those connections. His vision for the future includes a focus on supporting children aging out of the system by continuing to provide essential resources for their success in school and beyond. Through his unwavering commitment, Maurice exemplifies the true spirit of volunteerism and compassion.

Maureen Menikheim:
Creating safety and security for children

Maureen was inspired to join CASA MN in 2017 after learning about the role of a Guardian Ad Litem through an acquaintance. Continuing, she finds it incredibly rewarding to apply skills she has honed in her professional life to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families. For Maureen, being a GAL has been some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, work she has done.

Transitioning, one of the lessons Maureen would like to share from her experience as a GAL is that children in protective services are dealing with incredibly difficult circumstances. Instead of enjoying the carefree joys of childhood, many have taken on adult responsibilities to survive. The work volunteer GALs do to make sure children feel safe, secure, and heard is vitally important.
Thank you, Maurice and Maureen, for your dedication to the children of CASA MN. Maureen put it best when she said:

“GAL volunteers are a passionate, accomplished, diverse, purpose-driven, and lively group. We work hard and take our responsibility of advocating for the best interests of each child we serve very seriously.”

To all of our volunteers, your selfless service is truly appreciated and valued beyond measure. No matter how you serve, thank you for your commitment to children in our community.
With heartfelt gratitude,

CASA MN team

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